10 June 2024

Ukraimpulse Deep Dive #1: Smart Water Ukraine (Berlin, 10 June 2024)

Sustainable and innovative water management is increasingly recognized as a foundational element in addressing climate change and building resilience. In the context of Ukraine's defense and recovery, innovative and progressive solutions for utility and water management are gaining even greater momentum.

Since 2022, Ukrainian infrastructure has been subjected to severe attacks. The supply of water and drinking water to the population and industry in contested and destroyed areas plays a vital role in sustaining life. The situation requires innovative solutions as well as international support.

In the wider context of the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin, Ukraimpulse Deep Dive #1: Smart Water Ukraine brought together Ukrainian and German experts and practitioners in the field of Smart Water to discuss development and collaboration potentials.

08 MAR 2024

UA startups & Volkswagen original part 199 398 500 A

Amidst the bustling streets of Berlin, the Ukrainian startup journey continued with a dash of traffic before delving into tech marvels at Dresden's Volkswagen Gläserne Manufaktur (Transparent Factory). As the sun set, inspiring conversations and conviviality filled the enchanting ambiance of the YETI Dresden mansion. Hosted by Gigahertz Ventures & Ukraimpulse, insights flowed on the impact of the ongoing war on Ukrainian startups and their German counterparts with ties to Eastern markets. We were reminded of the resilience and adaptability inherent in the entrepreneurial spirit of our Ukrainian friends.

How does this tie back to VW original part number 199 398 500 A? It’s the designation for the renowned Volkswagen Currywurst, crafted at the Wolfsburg plant and served in VW factory cafeterias, including Dresden. Fun fact: 199 398 500 B is for the Volkswagen ketchup. Смачного!

07 MAR 2024

Ukrainian startup pitches @BACB Pitching Day

Jointly with the Czech initiative "Invest in Bravery," we enabled the participation of three Ukrainian startups at the BACB Pitching Day in Berlin on March 7th. We welcomed the startups Fintellect, Numo ADHD, and INPUT Soft on the pitching stage. 

These three startups had previously pitched in Prague. By the way, Ondrej from Invest in Bravery was also on the jury in Berlin. From Berlin, the journey continued to Gigahertz Ventures in Dresden.

23 DEC 2023

Ukraimpulse Scoping Report 2023 published

Can business angels contribute to Ukraine‘s recovery? For answering this question, members of BACB e.V. and Gigahertz Ventures travelled to Ukraine to meet multiple stakeholders of the early-stage startup ecosystem. 

Our report summarizes valuable key findings of 40+ in-person meetings in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa from May to December 2023.

15 DEC 2023

Odesa @U-Nation 2023 Final Conference

In December, we supported the 2023 Final Conference of U-Nation and the Odesa IT Family in Odesa as sponsors and speakers. This time, we contributed a workshop on "Investing in Startups: Main Criteria for European Investors." 

The city on the Black Sea has great potential in both logistics (port) and agriculture. A vibrant IT and startup scene is gradually developing. It was impressive to see that despite constant attacks, the people of Odesa celebrate Christmas and life.

12-13 DEC 2023

Kharkiv IT Cluster #Annual General Meeting 2023

At the invitation of the Kharkiv IT Cluster, Stefan participated in the 2023 General Meeting. Here too, we were able to share our experiences with a workshop titled "Business Angels in Germany and Europe: Case Study Gigahertz Ventures."

We learned that before the 2022 invasion, Kharkiv represented Ukraine‘s second-largest IT industry, with 511 IT companies and a workforce exceeding 45.000 software engineers. During the tumultuous period of February to April 2022, a substantial portion of this workforce relocated to other parts of the country or abroad. Regardless of this development, the vast majority of IT companies opted to maintain their operational roots in Kharkiv. 

By the summer months of 2022, a staggering count of over 20.700 IT specialists, along with their families, had already made their way back to Kharkiv. The ripple effect of spending by IT specialists becomes evident, generating an impressive 2.5 to 5 additional employment opportunities within the retail and local service industries for every euro directed toward a Kharkiv-based IT company.


Feature in Berliner Morgenpost (Germany)

Today, we were featured in the Berliner Morgenpost!

Our first scoping mission to Ukraine in May and June 2023 was incredibly impressive. We were thrilled to share our experiences with Marc R. Hofmann from the Berliner Morgenpost, and we are delighted that he found our mission so compelling that it was featured not only in the online edition but also in the print edition.

Thank you very much, Marc, for the enjoyable interview, the article, and your tremendous support for our mission.


Lviv IT Arena 2023

The Lviv IT Arena is currently the largest tech event in Ukraine. Naturally, we were there. Sebastian delivered a fantastic and very well-attended (60-minute) lecture on the experiences of developing business angels in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, together with Stefan from Ukraimpulse and Mikko-Pekka Hanski from Finland (moderated by Ivan Dmytrasevych from Lviv Startup Depot), we were able to share insights into the angel world on the topic "Crafting an Exit Strategy: Insights for Business Angels" with our Ukrainian peers during a panel discussion. Alongside Sebastian and Stefan, our group of travellers consisted of Marvin from SIB Startup Incubator Berlin, BACB angel Thomas, and journalists Hannah (Capital Magazin) and Marc (Berliner Morgenpost).


Scoping continued: Kharkiv

The next stage of the scoping mission took us to Kharkiv. The city at the front line faces unique challenges. At the same time, it is the intellectual center of the country, with outstanding universities and research institutions. We learned that students have not received regular on-campus or school lessons since early 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. During an event at the SPARK Startup Centre of the Kharkiv National Polytechnic Institute (KhPI), we were able to witness the city's innovative spirit. Once again, more details can be found in our Scoping Report.


Scoping mission #1 concluded

Following an intense year of emergency humanitarian project work in 2022, we asked ourselves in early 2023: Can German, European (and other) business angels contribute to Ukraine‘s recovery already today? We answered our guiding question by travelling to Ukraine and by learning about the Ukrainian business angel community and its context by talking to relevant peers and stakeholders in various regions of Ukraine. By June 01, we had completed our first scoping mission, covering Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa. For more details, please read our Scoping Mission Report.

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