We are European Business Angels,
Impulse-Investing into Ukrainian Startups today.

Collaboration with Ukrainian business angels

There is a lot German and other business angels can learn from their Ukrainian peers - and vice versa. Ukraimpulse is dedicated to build bridges between angels and startups for exploring collaboration potentials.

Impulse Investment with leverage

Ukraimpulse helps Ukrainian startups to secure initial funding. We invest tickets of 10.000 - 50.000€ initially as our "Impulse Investment". With our vast network of trusted co-investors we are able to leverage up to €200k additionally for Ukrainian startups.

Get investment-ready for the European market

We have a broad network with European industry leaders from Hardware & IoT, digital Health & MedTech, EdTech & GovTech. We support our startups with market insights and introductions to potential customers. 

How can Business Angel help Ukraine?

In 2023 we travelled to Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv and met with 40+ stakeholders, to find out, what the early-stage startup ecosystem in Ukraine really needs right now.

We've summarized our key findings in our report "Business Angels and Reconstructing Ukraine", which describes the current situation and gives an outlook on the potentials Ukraine has to offer - today and in the future.

About our Mission

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we strongly believe that investing in Ukraine's innovations not only is a sustainable aid for recovery but the nation's resilience and untapped potentials present unique opportunities for substantial returns.

To validate our thesis, we travelled to Ukraine and met 40+ stakeholders of the early-stage startup ecosystem on multiple trips to Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv in 2023. Our thesis held up (you can discover our findings in our report on "Business Angels and Reconstructing Ukraine").

We therefore initiated Ukraimpulse, a European business angel micro-fund, focusing on investments in pre-seed and seed-stage startups in Ukraine, supporting them not only with capital, but also actively contribute with our know-how and network.

Our expertise is derived from decades of collective experience as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and angel investors. We cumulated many years of experience doing business in Eastern Europe and especially Ukraine and have been on the ground in Ukraine with our humanitarian projects multiple times in the past years. We believe now is the time to shift from aid to recovery, so instead of providing aid, we provide what we're best at: Angel Investing.

You are interested in joining our mission? We're curious to hear from you!

Our founding partner networks

Most of our power comes from our vast network of supporters and co-investors. We are very proud to have gigahertz Ventrues GmbH from Dresden and the Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. on board as supporters from the very beginning.

Check out our humanitarian aid projects in Ukraine, which we ran with the great support of these networks prior to Ukraimpulse Ventrues:

"Busloads of hope" by gigahertz Ventures

Angels4Ukraine.eu by BACB e.V.


Our partners in crime

Our vast network extends across Germany and Europe. Here's some of our partners, we work with closely in UA and the EU. We will in troduce more partners shortly.

Our Team

Our team has a wealth of experience to fuel Ukraine's startup ecosystem. Stefan, a visionary entrepreneur and Eastern Europe expert, Sebastian, a well connected business angel and facilitator and Michael, a global-minded innovator and businessman, lead the way. With our backgrounds spanning tech, venture and entrepreneurship, we're committed to nurturing Ukraine's startup potential.


Founding Partner

Stefan is entrepreneur at heart, business angel and CEO of Gigahertz Ventures, a hardware & deep-tech microfund. He co-founded his first startup as a student almost 30 years ago, managed a political youth organization in Germany, pioneered innovation ecosystem development in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, coordinated an international science network in climate tech  and and successfully managed an international business school (German accreditation) in a multi-ethnical conflict setting.


Founding Partner

Sebastian is business angel investor and managing director of BACB e.V., the largest business angel network in Berlin, Germany, with over 120 members. In his 5+ years within the industry, he has facilitated over 50 startup investments with a volume >10M€, and helped over 25 “virgin-angels” to successfully invest their first venture capital. Sebastian gained experience as a founder and is an active pre-seed investor with family-run FOBS Bet. GmbH and the Berlin Angel Fund.



Founding Partner

Michael is a succesful entrepreneur in the IT and e-commerce sectors, but also extends his efforts into branding, marketplaces, and agriculture. His focus lies on people, rather than specific industries, as he is passionate about working with creative teams and networks. Michael has many years of business experience in Eastern Europe, ran a company in Ukraine pre-war and established a startup microfund in Georgia. Next to his business operations, he currently studies politics at Hertie School Berlin, to broaden his horizon and tab into the field of GovTech.

Join Our Mission

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